Restore Muscle Health therapy’s primary treatment is based on The Emmett Technique and The Bowen Technique along with a combination of advanced training methods that I have developed into a method that works!

“Whether you are suffering from an acute pain, chronic or reoccurring issue, recovering from an injury or want to develop and improve your sports performance, this is the technique for you.”
~ Jill L’Esperance

Jill L’Esperance’s Background and Experience

Jill L’Esperance, Bowen Therapist

I began my practice with national board certification in Medical Massage and Manual Therapy and after practicing this for four years I went on to additional training and became certified in Neuromuscular Release Therapy (NRT) and Swing Flex Power Golf, Sports Performance Therapy (SFT).

In 2013 I began my training in NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique). I am now certified in NST Basic, Advanced and TMJ.

Training in October 2015 in Textbook Bowen has taken my treatment approach to a whole new level. By adding assessments and combining treatment methods, with the primary focus on using “Bowen moves” I have seen a number of amazing outcomes and happy clients with great results in a number of unique situations.

Adding The Emmett Technique in 2016 has helped to bring the Bowen method to a whole new level that I never knew existed and has allowed for even quicker results for many clients. (See Testimonials)

What to expect:

Therapy Room

Therapy Room

Clients are asked to wear comfortable fitting gym shorts or light weight pants without pockets, and a tee shirt. Long sleeves are okay but please avoid high collars or turtle necks. Feel free to bring a change of clothes with you as the treatment room is private.

Treatments times generally run between 30 and 55 minutes. Your first visit may be up to an hour as we review your intake form and discuss your situation.



Treatment programs generally start with 3 treatments within 3-4 weeks to get the initial problem under control and break the cycle of imbalance. Additional sessions may be recommended depending on the client and their situation.

Most people feel comfortable enough to go back to work or continue with your day. Some clients feel tired or very relaxed afterwards and feel the need to rest.

I do not use oils or lotions so you will not feel the need to go home and shower.

After a suitable number of treatments the client will asked to continue with stretches and/or other things to maintain the muscles worked, and improve overall recovery. This may include being aware and making changes in postural habits while working, sleeping and/or driving. Maintenance programs are also recommended and will vary per client.