Treating Pain and Discomfort In A Brand New Way

Advanced Muscle Therapy Based on The Emmett Technique

and Bowen/NST Therapy

(click the link above to see Ross Emmett’s YouTube video which explains his technique)

This quick, effective, Australian based soft-tissue therapy is providing amazing results very quickly. By assessing and addressing the body as a whole, clients are experiencing results from a number of muscle and joint pain issues.

Many clients are seeing results from pain or discomfort issues they have dealt with for many years. Some have tried a variety of treatment options with no lasting results, and some where even told that they would just have to live with the issue!

These treatment techniques make sense! Once they are explained to you, you too will ask why this is not being used throughout the world. Actually, it is! Very slowly and with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, these methods are being taught around the world, but there are only a few of us in Minnesota at this time.

This video also shows a very typical treatment. Each treatment includes an assessment to locate the actual root cause of a problem instead of just trying to correct symptoms (and the problem may not be where you think it is)!

It’s amazing to lay there for that short of time, then get up with absolutely no pain! ~ Penny A.

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“There exists in the human body an innate capacity for self-regulation and healing”

In short, the Emmett Technique and Bowen/NST therapy provide a Neuro-Musculo-Skelatal approach to health care that employs hands-on soft tissue manipulation for the correction of bio-mechanical and neural dysfunction.

Treating Root Cause – NOT Symptoms!

The basic concept is that a balanced body functions correctly and effectively. Any imbalance in the structure or muscular system will compromise the body in some way.

We focus on correction and recovery, and help to see you move on with a healthier, more functional, active life and future!


  • Muscle Relaxation and Reprogramming
  • Skeletal Realignment
  • Improved Lymphatic, Blood and Nerve Supply
  • Reduced or Eliminated Pain
  • Improved Overall Well Being


I went to Jill for a painful shoulder due to a long-ago injury, and now I honestly cannot remember which shoulder was injured! Long lasting results! ~ Kathy P. – Deephaven, MN

Disclaimer: Results vary and may not work for all conditions and injuries. For best results, client participation may be required.